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    October 02, 2005

    Impose a fine on the Left parties for the strike

    On Thursday, September 29th, a strike was called by trade unions allied to the 'Crazy Commies'. It paralyzed life across the country, with banking and air traffic hurt the most. The strike was against the government's economic policies, amendments to labour laws and privatization. In addition, autorickshaws in Karnataka were off the road, protesting against the govermnent's unwillingness to increase the subsidy towards the conversion of autorickshaws to using LPG cylinders rather than petrol/diesel.

    I didn't feel the pinch as I had taken care of banks related work the previous day and I didn't have any intentions of travelling by autorickshaws on a day when those that did ply on the roads would have charged exhorbitant rates.

    But I am not the 'common man' the Loony Left claims to represent. That common man was actually put to hardship. Those of his creed who worked in banks and in the aviation industry did not work. I am not sure if that day counts as a day of unpaid leave as far as their management is concerned. In fact, I am not even sure if they wanted to join the strike. Bullies from the trade unions would undoubtedly have forced a lot of people to fall in line and participate in the strike and either not go to work or join them in creating chaos on the road or bullying others into not going to work. Yes, does seem eerily similar to ragging!

    Common people who didn't work in banks or in the aviation industry were still put to hardship because they couldn't get transactions done at banks. Assuming that 'common men (and women)' do not use airlines to travel, banks coming to a standstill hurt them the most. So as it turns out, a strike organized to bring to light common people's woes ended up causing more woes to those common peoplefolk, apparently the Loony Left's votebank.

    Pissed off at the very fact that there was such a strike, I dashed off a letter to the editor (LTTE!) of 'The Hindu'. This is what I wrote:

    The strike today, called by trade unions, undoubtedly incited and encouraged by the Left parties, has resulted in crores of rupees worth of losses to the Indian economy in terms of banking transactions, people being unable to get to work or appointments on time, either because flights were cancelled or because other transport unions also joined in.

    It really is high time the government called the Left parties' bluff and threw them out of the alliance. They cannot hunt with the hares and run with the hounds. If they oppose the government's policies to such an extent, how are they justified in supporting it?

    This is blackmail of the highest order. I hope the Left parties are made to pay up the damages, in much the same manner as the BJP and Shiv Sena were forced to pay up for the damage caused during the bandh called by them to protest against the blasts in Ghatkopar in Mumbai.

    The newspaper did publish the letter, which you can find in the fifth entry in yesterday's edition. There was some snipping out, as the contents indicate:
    The strike has resulted in losses that run into crores in terms of banking transactions, people being unable to get to work on time either because flights were cancelled or because other transport unions joined in the strike. It is time the UPA Government snapped ties with the Left because it cannot continue to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. I hope the Left parties are made to pay up as the BJP and the Shiv Sena were for the losses caused during the Mumbai bandh in 2003.

    Previous rants on the Loony Left: EPF issue, "LTTE" on pressure put by the Left on the finance minister over the budget, another "LTTE" on the Loony Left criticizing the govermnent over economic issues while staying mum over Shibu Soren's hiding antics, the government's response over it considering the Left's concerns over various issues and the pronouncements by the Cretinous Commies just after it became apparent that the Congress would come to power.

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