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    May 30, 2003

    Technology & Business


    Rest In Peace

    With Microsoft's latest brilliant strategy of making up with AOL by paying them $ 170 million and also giving AOL a 7 year royalty free usage of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, this effectively kills Netscape.

    Why would AOL bother to pay developers to continue working on later version of Netscape (7.0 was the latest and it was a total failure) when they'll be using MSIE as part of the agreement anyway? AOL now looks extremely stupid for having spent $ 4 billion (or was it more?) and bought Netscape a couple of years ago. Investment gone down the drain, totally!

    Gates and co. have always been canny businessmen, even if their software sucks bigtime. You really have to admire the way they know the market and what the market wants and what the market will do for Microsoft to make sure they're chums.

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    There's so much hoopla about this being the 50th anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. The BBC chronicles their feat. However I wonder how this was verified. The story suggests that Colonel John Hunt, who was the team leader (and stayed at Camp VI, lower down the mountain's peaks), took the twosome at face value when they pointed to the mountain and signalled they'd reached the top. I'm amazed if there was no attempt to confirm the facts.

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