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    July 21, 2003


    Unfortunately today dawned and I had to return to work. I felt like the schoolkid who refuses to believe that his summer holidays are over and that he has to go back to school.

    Krithi and I returned from our honeymoon at Bhimtal (near Nainital in Uttaranchal) last weekend. Overall it was an absolute whale of a time, the wedding, the celebrations after it and the honeymoon.

    First the wedding. The reception was on the 5th and the muhurtham was on the 6th. I tried my best not to look like a robot at the reception. So instead of doing nothing but shaking hands and muttering platitudes like 'Thanks a lot', 'Great to see you here' etc., I took the opportunity to berate the photographers who were intent on suppressing the natural inclination of Krithi's distant kid cousin to take the centre stage ahead of us. It was quite draining, especially when you're just a biped. The photographer had his 15 minutes of fame when he suggested that since we'd been taking photos standing all the time, it was time to sit down and take a few. Krithi and I gladly accepted his offer and were about to park ourselves in the chair when the blessed soul that he is intervened to clarify that he meant that he wanted our parents sitting rather than us. I wasn't sure whether to scream my head off at him or just get along and get it done and dusted. It was nearly 10 pm by the time we had our food.

    The muhurtham was a more sedate affair and far less tiring than the reception. Strangely enough, all of Agni's attempts at fatiguing me didn't succeed at all and I think I looked like a fairly fresh daisy at the end of it all at around 2 pm. However we ended up doing quite a lot of pushup exercises in the form of namaskarams to elders. Perhaps those were the warning signs of the amount of sweets and other such goodies which were waiting for us over the next couple of weeks.

    Our honeymoon, which followed a few days later, was at Bhimtal. Bhimtal is, if my geography is right, in the lower Shiwalik range on the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a nice peaceful place around 25 km from Nainital. You can't really call it a hillstation because it really is quite desolate. Our resort was 5 km from Bhimtal and we walked the distance to the lake and it was quite an experience because there were absolutely no street lights or shops around for a huge chunk of the distance and we're talking about near the lake area and not on the way. However there're quite a few other places around Bhimtal which are really worth a dekko. Naukachiyatal and Saattaal are superb lakes, great for an hours' boatride while Nainital is obviously a very famous hillstation. There's also a place called Ranikhet around 60 km from Bhimtal which offers a great view of the Himalayas (the Indian Himalayas, so you can see Nandadevi and a few others) if the weather is good, which unfortunately wasn't the case. The best season to go there is Oct-Nov or Mar-Apr when you get really clear skies. We had to make do with photographs and paintings showing us which Himalayan mountain was where.

    After a long while I've finally managed to work on uploading some of the snaps from July 5.

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